Candid Karina

{March 28, 2012}   Today is Your Best Day: Share The Hope

Hi everyone!

So, I’m just going to ignore the fact that I’m the world’s worst blogger, and take the title of this blog post to heart… TODAY is my best day, so here we go.

My friend Michelle is hosting a wonderful giveaway at her blog, and I am so excited to share it with all (three) of you. Check it out:

Today is Your Best Day! Really – it is if you are in an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ. Roy Lessin, Day Spring co-founder and senior writer, just released a wonderful book to help all of us see that today IS our best day regardless of our circumstances. There are over 60 life-changing devotions.

The introduction tells the true story of a couple who read the book together six times during a terminal illness. The book had an enormous effect on Jim’s last days and he shared it with over 400 families before he joined Jesus in heaven. Since then, his wife Linda has given away 5000 copies to others and asks that we join her in sharing the inspiring words with other in need of HOPE.

I’m inviting you to join me in exploring the truths outlined in Lessin’s book and creating a Visual Prayer of Praise and participating in the Today is Your Best Day give-away.

You can download your own digital copy of the book and find out more about participating in the giveaway at

I do hope you will stop by her blog and check it out. And then come on back here and share with me your visual prayer.

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