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{September 12, 2008}   A Basket Full of Goodies

I realize I haven’t been doing a really good job of posting regularly, or uh…at all, really. I realize that those of you who used to consider yourselves my “regular” readers (all three or four of you) are probably feeling quite neglected and abandoned. I realize everyone else probably didn’t even notice I was MIA…well FINE! 😉 But seriously, I hate that I’ve been such an inconsistent blogger lately, and am hoping to turn things around. See, life has gotten incredibly busy these last few months, so the “real world” if that’s what we’re calling it these days, has pulled me away from the blogosphere. But, I LOVE the blogosphere, and as much as I haven’t had time to visit, I’ve been missing it dearly.

Not only do I miss regularly updating you on the shenanigans of my OH SO EXCITING (don’t laugh) life, I REALLY miss reading about all your adventures and misadventures. My google reader is up to oh geez, probably 500 or 600 posts, so when in the world I think I’ll find the time to catch up is beyond me, but I refuse to clear it out and start from scratch. What if I miss something vital? One of these days, I promise, I will catch up.

In the meantime, I’m going to ask you to leave me a comment directing me to one or two of your most recent posts that I just MUST read. Pretty please? I really want to know.

So, now that we’ve covered my catching up with YOU, here’s a bit of what’s been going on with me. And there’s a lot folks. I warn you now, this is a long post, but hey, you’ve had barely any reading material from me all summer, so maybe you’ll enjoy my ramblings.

First of all, starting next week I’m embarking on a new writing venture. Because this is such a huge thing for me, one that I’m incredibly excited about, I’m going to save the details of the announcement for its very own post in the next few days. However, because I don’t want to be a terrible tease, I’ll share with you that I’ve been asked (uh, maybe I volunteered myself) to contribute to a wonderful Ezine called Blissfully Domestic as part of their “Inspired Bliss” channel, which is their faith channel. Yes, I know, funny how things happen, right? But because of this, I’m making some new blog-buddies, and want to take a moment to say HELLO to them. Can’t wait to get inspired by you ladies! If you stopped by today, I hope you’ll poke around to get to know a little more about me, but for purposes of knowing why I’m joining you, the next few paragraphs, and links therein, should give you an idea. The rest is just my crazy mind at work.

Moving on then, we’ve already discussed the amazing summer I’ve had reconnecting with God, my faith family, and the youth of my parish. As things move along in that field, I’ll give you more of that story, but for now, you can read this (if you haven’t had the chance to do so yet), and just know that I’m still the same snarky, sarcastic, and shoe addicted Karina, I just have a greater sense of my place in this world now. It feels nice. And in case you are wondering, the tattoo is healing quite nicely as well.

The summer is now drawing to a close and you would think that would mean that I’d have less activities planned with the youth and all, and get back some of my free time. You would think wrong. The Fall and Winter are going to be just as, if not even more, busy as the summer was, but this is a good thing. I’m looking forward to all that is lined up for the next few months.

Another major change in my life has been this career move of mine, and with the exception of a few posts to tell you about my new job, I haven’t really told you much about how that has gone. Let me tell you now. I LOVE my new job. LOVE IT. I went from a stressful, pull my hair out of my head every day, holy crap how in the world am I ever going to catch up with any of my work, and I’m going to kill my coworkers one of these days, kind of job, to well…how do I even describe it? Some days, I’m bored with nothing to do. GASP! I KNOW! My new boss, The Don, is fantastic. He’s a great guy, with a heart of gold, and the type of boss everyone always wishes they could have. My new company is wonderful. They truly care about their employees and their customers, and I feel good about working here, and it’s the kind of place you want to promote to your friends and family, because they really stand for something. My new coworkers are all great, and I’ve made some new friends, and am looking forward to things like the holiday party, because I can see it’ll be a blast. And the job itself is easy. I have great freedom to my days to do my work at my own pace, without anyone (see Nazi) breathing down my neck, there are NO MORE Whisper Wednesdays, and there are plenty of opportunities for me to step up and be challenged when I want to be. There is also great room for growth here, so while I’m okay with the laid back pace for now, I know when I start to feel stagnant, I can step up to the plate and take on new ventures.

I also love the location of where I work. Working in the historical downtown area of my home town has been great fun this summer. I’ve been able to reconnect with old friends for lunch, enjoy daily walks, and just see other people out and about, something I, as an avid people watcher, was really missing in my old job in the boonies.

The downside to this working environment has been that going out to eat lunch every day (practically) made me gain quite a few pounds. I was pretty busy and active all summer long with the youth, so it wasn’t as bad as it could have been, but still, it was getting to the point where I knew I had to do something about it.

SO, a few weeks ago I joined Jenny Craig. I went with Candid Mama as moral support, but after listening to their introduction (uh, sales pitch) I decided to give it a shot as well. I signed up for a 6 week trial, and am now on week 3. I’ve lost 5 ½ pounds in my first two weeks so far. Considering I’m not working out, am not feeling particularly hungry at any time, and actually enjoy the food, I’d say this is a success. My goal is 20 lbs so hey, I’m a quarter of the way there…that’s not too bad. The best part is I’m learning some really easy and manageable ways to keep this going once my six week trial is up. It’s been an amazing boost to my confidence to see the weight go too. It’s slow, but healthy the way it is going, and I love that I’m taking charge of my body. And yes, I do feel healthier; it’s amazing how what we put in our bodies can totally affect how we feel isn’t it? Yeah, yeah, I know old news.

Speaking of a confidence booster, I bought a product off an infomercial that changed my life. No, seriously. I’m not getting paid to say this (but really, they should pay me for all the publicity I’ve done for their product), but I am in LOVE with the Wen by Chaz Dean hair stuff. You may not know this, but my hair has been complete crap for years now. I had some stuff going on a few years back, and my hair which has always been really thin, just became crap, and for a while now I’ve pretty much always worn it up, sort of hidden and kind of “out of sight, out of mind”. I HATED my hair. I wouldn’t even get it cut, because there was no point. I have tried every hair product known to womankind and nothing worked to fix it. So, one day, while cleaning my house with the television on for background noise, this infomercial came on. Now, for the record, I don’t buy things off infomercials, pretty much ever. I don’t buy into the whole “this will change your life” thing, EVER. But, since I was already spending all sorts of money weekly on trying new hair products, to no avail, when I heard the words “Just one use of this product and you won’t believe the change in your hair”, right after I said “yeah, right” I said “Well, whatever, what have I got to lose?” So, I ordered it. With much dubiousness, when it arrived, I tried it.

And HOLY CRAP if my hair wasn’t completely different after just one use. That stuff really works. I’ve now been using it for about a month, and LOVE my hair. I wear it down most days now. I get compliments on my hair from strangers. MY HAIR! The rats nest I kept hidden for years. LOVE IT. Huge confidence booster right there as well.

One more vital thing I changed this summer. You all know I’m a big sister through Big Brother Big Sister to Lil’K. Have been since she was 8 years old. She is now 15. For the last year or so, we’d drifted apart. I was having a hard time finding ways to connect with her. I was looking at her as a teen who didn’t much need me in her life anymore, and I wasn’t sure how to stay involved in her life. Part of me wasn’t sure I needed to anymore. I never had any plans of walking away, but it was getting easy to just not call her for weeks and blame it on the fact that we were both busy with our lives, and she was doing just fine without me. But I was wrong, because now, more than ever, she needs me. Now, more than ever, she needs some positive influences in her life. Now, at a time when every decision she makes could truly affect the future of her life. Because of the youth group activities this summer, I was able to find a common ground with her, and we spent a summer having a great time together, and getting closer. This weekend we take another step in our relationship, which I am hoping will open all sorts of new doors for our communication as she faces what will surely be the toughest years of her young life. We are attending a “parent/teen” retreat. I have always been a parental figure in her life, and it’s time I take a more active role, so I’m looking forward to this retreat like you can’t imagine. It was time I stepped back in and took charge a bit, because last year was a rough year for her, and I wasn’t a very present figure. I blame myself for that, I’d become complacent in a lot of things in my life.

See, here’s the funny thing that happened this summer. Somewhere along the way I realized I’d been just going through the motions of daily living. It wasn’t that my life wasn’t a good one, it was just that I wasn’t exactly doing much of anything. I looked back at the last few years, and pleasant and peaceful as they’ve been, I had a hard time differentiating one from the other. I’m 33 years old. That’s way too young to settle for status quo. It was time for me to stop living on the sidelines, and take an active role in my life. It wasn’t enough to be living, I need to be ALIVE. I’ve done things this summer that I swore you’d never see me do. I went canoeing. I’m deathly afraid of drowning folks. It was exhilarating in a terrifying sort of way, I loved it. I got on a roller coaster. The kind that turns you upside down. Ladies and gents, I DON’T DO THAT. Correction, I didn’t do that, because now? OH, I can’t wait for the next one. I’m doing it folks, I’m doing it all.

Next adventure? Hmm, maybe I’ll try my hand at dating again, what do you think? After all, we can’t let my fabulous new hair and soon to be svelte figure go to waste, now can we? Right..yeah, okay…

I started off this week with a look back, before I forged ahead. Fun Monday this week was all about our favorite vacations, and I had a fun trip down memory lane, looking over my Mexico photos and sharing them with you.

Then on Tuesday I started my new job. I was a bit nervous for my first day, a bit like a little kid on the first day of school. But, I was also excited to start this new chapter in my life. Thank you all for your positive words of encouragement.

Wednesday we had a little party here. It was time to launch the Re-Design of the blog, so we had cake and ice cream…well, actually, we had ice cream cake…and prizes. If you didn’t get a chance to stop by the party yet, pop on over, there’s still ice cream (a recipe too) and you can still enter to win one of the prizes.

And yesterday I filled you all in a little bit about the new job. One more day in and I’m still really enjoying it. I’m also really enjoying the fact that I now get home from work around 4:45, as opposed to the 6:30 or seven pm I was used to with my old job. How sweet it is!

This week I also recapped The Bachelorette and did a mini-recap of So You Think You Can Dance over at Cafe Karina.

Also, after a way too long hiatus, Candid Mama is back and has posted a new entry this week, won’t you stop by and give her some love?

Finally, I will be helping out on a youth retreat this weekend, so won’t be around, but I will have a Photo Hunter post up on Saturday and a little something something on Sunday as well.

Fun Monday next week is being hosted by Karisma, and it looks like a really fun one…I’ll definitely be in on that one. Well, it’s all “auto-publishing” from here on out, so have a great weekend everyone!

{May 23, 2008}   In case you missed it…

I’ve been a busy busy girl the last week or so. In case you missed it, I went to New York City last weekend, and had a lovely 3 1/2 hour lunch with Frances, another blogger, and told you all about it here.

I also discovered that an old college buddy of mine is one of the bachelors on The Bachelorette. You can read all about that at Cafe Karina this week. Now that American Idol is over (Yay David Cook), I’ll be doing Bachelorette recaps, as well as recaps of “So You Think You Can Dance”(once the auditions are over that is) over there as well.

Yesterday I very quickly shared some photos from my visit to St. Patrick’s Cathedral in NYC. I didn’t really say much about the photos because I was in a bit of a hurry and on my way to a graduation, but my visit to the cathedral was on of my favorite parts of my trip last weekend. There was just this incredible sense of serenity and peace in that big old building. It was beautiful, breathtaking, and I wasn’t even really sure where to focus my eye, there was so much to take in. The photos do not do it justice.

I promised my ice cream cake recipe, and you will get that, with photos, but it probably won’t be until next week. I’m making the cake sometime this afternoon, but will save the post for next week.

Tomorrow’s photo hunter is all about my favorite subject…shoes. You know I’ve got photos to share for that topic. And Fun Monday is all about our favorite vacations…should be a fun travel experience for all of us.

And…as you can see by the sticky post above, there’s a new blog design in the works over here at Candid Karina…we should be live soon…stay tuned.

So yours truly had her very first job interview in over five years today. And yours truly was extremely nervous about same. I’m happy to report that I ROCKED IT!!

That’s it. End of entry.

OH, you want more? Alright fine, twist my arm.

All kidding aside folks, I don’t think I’ve ever interviewed as well as I did today. I was very much at ease, and feel I said all the right things at all the right moments. There were two people interviewing me, the head of HR and the CEO of the company, who would become my boss were I to be hired. Both were really nice and the CEO totally reminded me of my boss at the firm (in all the good ways, that is). Anyway, the company sounds like a great place to work, and the job sounds interesting and I think I could not only do the job well, but actually really enjoy working there. I liked them, and I really think they liked me. I basically walked out of there feeling like I did all I could, and if I don’t get this job, then it simply wasn’t meant to be, but it’s not due to my screwing up the interview.

Anyway, they didn’t really say “when” I’d hear back, but as I was walking out with the HR lady I said it was a pleasure to meet her and looked forward to hearing from her, and she said something like “We will definitely call you”. So, I am not going to do that whole “counting chickens before they hatch” thing, but I feel pretty good about this.

I’ve already sent off my thank you notes, so now it is out of my hands and into God’s. If it is meant to be, then it will be, and if not, well then, that’s just the way the cookie crumbles, isn’t it?

Thank you all for your prayers and good luck wishes and vibes though. I have no doubt they helped tremendously.

And now I was going to do a whole follow-up Friday post, but mom wants me to head over to tell her all about my interview so instead I leave you with this VERY RANDOM question:

Thong underwear, yay or nay?

I said it was random. I’ll elaborate more at a later date, I promise.

See you all tomorrow for Photo Hunter.

Well, this was a crazy week here at Casa Karina. I wanted to try and keep blogging everyday, since I signed up for Blog 365 t the beginning of this year, an I just barely managed to do so this week. But I haven’t missed a day yet. Not that that’s saying much considering some of the content of my posts of late. But it’s been helpful to me to disconnect from all the nuttyness that is my life currently and come in here and post for a bit.

For Saturday’s Photo Hunt theme of Thirteen, I shared a photo of myself along with my Jr. High BFF, “B”, at the tender age of 13. In all our feathered hair and bangs glory. I laughed so much when I found this photo a while back, that I was glad to have an opportunity to share it with you all. If you haven’t laughed seen it yet, be sure to pop over.

I almost didn’t participate in Fun Monday this week because I didn’t think I could find the time, but I’m so glad I decided to post a “quickie” which turned into a great list of things, and made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Wednesday I got a bit “deep” and spiritual with the help of Wayne Dyer…and that kind of made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside too.

I didn’t do a Thursday Thirteen yesterday either, so I just sort of “waxed poetic” (or not) about life in general.

I also sadly dropped out of NaPoWriMo on Creative Karina. I was doing so well with inspiration that I was writing a poem a day, and having great fun participating in National Poetry Writing Month, but the muse was seriously overcrowded in my brain this week, so she decided to take a vacation. Can’t say that Iblame her.

I did, however, managed to do my American Idol recap at Cafe Karina, since reality television has been my “escape” for much of this week. Thank goodness for those crazy folks who put themselves on tv for or entertainment!

I have slowly, but surely, been catching up on visiting all my favorite bloggers, since I miss you all so much. I’m not quite caught up yet, but I’m getting there!

And in case you are wondering, the job search is moving along…slowly, but moving along. I’ve applied for quite a few jobs, and am hopeful that some phone calls and interviews will be forthcoming soon. I’m trying not to get discouraged every time the phone rings at it’s someone I know (not someone offering me a job)…fingers crossed that’ll change soon.

I’ll be posting a “Unique/Funny Sign” for Photo Hunter tomorrow, and uh…does anyone know who’s hosting Fun Monday next week? Cuz I have no idea, and I’d like to sign up.

Have a great weekend y’all!

Oh, what a week it’s been. Let’s recap, shall we? (By the way, I responded to all comments individually at their respective posts).

In Saturday’s Photo Hunt I showed you all a glass sculpture that sits in the middle of the “mall” at Mohegan Sun Casino. Many of you asked if it was a Dale Chihuly piece. Well, I had no idea, but it turns out that in fact, it is. Here’s some more information on it, if you’re interested. I think I may have found a new favorite artist…his stuff is just amazing.

Sunday I had a bit of a meltdown. Tough as it was that day, I think it was MUCH needed in order for me to “cleanse” the soul and start all over again. Once again, thank you so very much to all of you for your sweet words of encouragement. I don’t think any of you will ever know what a bright spot you all are when I’m having “one of those” days.

Fun Monday was the funnest indeed. It seems everyone loved my new “interview” shoes, which I bought to go with my new “interview” suit. I do love them! 😉 Nobody got the “five by five” reference…but I’m not revealing the answer yet…I’ll save it for this coming Fun Monday. Anyone out there taking any guesses? I’ll give a hint, it’s a television show reference.

On Wednesday I decided to change the subject a bit, sick as I was of dwelling on this job loss issue. It turned into a much more inspired post than I had originally planned. Funny how those things happen. Anyway, Frigga wanted the recipe for the Strawberry Passion martini I had at dinner Tuesday night. I wanted to oblige girl, but I can’t find the recipe anywhere, and don’t remember what was in it. I will tell you, however, that I had it at The Outback Steakhouse and it’s their “Featured” drink right now. It’s not, however, on their website anywhere.

Oh, I also threw out there on Wednesday that I want to go see NKOTB live on the Today Show on May 16th, and would love if anyone wants to meet up in NYC that day, we could go together, and act like teenage girls. I’m totally not kidding, so any takers?

On Yesterday’s Thursday Thirteen I shared some of the photos I took at the New England Aquarium on Saturday, including something rarely seen here…a photo of myself (with the girls). It wasn’t on purpose that the reflection of the flash is right above my face…but I was kind of glad for the distraction…hahaha…I’ve got even more aquarium photos, so I’ll share those in the future.

And today I sit here, at work, on my last official day. I will actually be in, sort of “part-time” for the next few weeks, or until I find a job, whichever comes first. They’re doing what they can to help me out with some extra cash, and in the meantime I’m going to help them tie up any loose ends I can. It’s been really strange cleaning out my office, carrying bags and boxes home. You wouldn’t believe the amount of crap one accumulates in five years at a job. Sigh…

Still, as sad as this day could be, I’m in good spirits. The job search is going quite slowly, which is scary, but next week I’ll be able to dedicate some serious time to it, so hopefully something will turn up. And the good news is that since I’m on a “forced” vacation next week, I’ll be able to catch up on all my favorite blogs.

Tomorrow I’m feeding the poor with my church group, AND helping Shoppaholic move into her new apartment, should be a busy day, but a feel good one too.

Have a great weekend everyone.

Shhhh, don’t tell anyone at The Firm, but I’m not really sick today like they think I am. See, I had promised my mom I would take her to Mohegan Sun tonight to watch Richard Marx in concert, and I need to save all my vacation days so I can get paid for them after my layoff, so a sick day it had to be. Oh yes, I did say Richard Marx. Yep, THAT Richard Marx. He’s actually performing in a FREE concert tonight at the casino, and mom was a HUGE fan of his music back in the day. So, I’m off in a bit, but I thought I’d do a quick Follow-Up Friday since with the whole job situation I didn’t really do well on replying to comments this week.

I really just want to thank you all for all your kind words of encouragement, and offers to help, and positive thoughts in the last week. This whole job loss thing is a hell of a lot more overwhelming than I could ever have imagined it, but having so many people out in the universe sending me positive vibes has certainly made it a lot easier to bare. So thanks.

In looking over my posts this past week I realize that I’m turning it into “all about the lay-off” and I certainly don’t want that to happen, so I’ve got some non-job related stuff coming up next week. However, a good thing about this lay-off is that it will give me plenty of blog fodder in the coming weeks, if not months or years. See, life as it was with the current job was not “boring” but it was kind of…routine. Things are certainly about to change though.

Can you imagine the blog fodder I’ll have simply by going on job interviews? And then, with a new job, comes a whole new slew of characters to blog about, doesn’t it? And if I end up having to “return” to working in Boston, as much as I’m dreading the commute and long hours, life should certainly get more interesting. I hated the commute, but I’ve said more than once in the past five years how much I miss working in the city, the hustle and bustle and all that.

Yes ladies and gents, there will be some interesting material coming up for sure.

Okay, well, I have to get out of here, mom and I (and dad’s coming along too) are hitting the road in about an hour, and I have to go get ready.

Tune in tomorrow for a “Twisted” photo hunt. And the Nekked Lizards are hosting a truly FUN Monday I’m looking forward to participating in.

And NaPoWriMo is still going strong over on my Creative Karina blog, if you feel so inclined.

Happy Friday.

Well folks, it’s Spring, or so they keep telling us…but I woke up this morning to the all too familiar sound of a snowplow outside my window. Ah yes, Spring in New England. Right now the snow has turned to some sleeting and we’re expected to get more snow later on. Good times, good times. (Note heavy sarcasm please).

A note about comments: I once again replied to everyone’s comments individually within the posts, so if you left me a comment that required a response, check in there…I did reply!

This week’s Fun Monday was a fun one for sure…I learned my ABC’s in all sorts of ways travelling around visiting others, and got to share a few of my favorite things in mine. This list was definitely not all inclusive, but I figured you had enough reading to do as it was. However, I did get quite a few surprised comments in regards to the revelation that I was born in Africa. I guess I owe you all the story of how that came to be…so stay tuned, I will share part of it next week. Also, I want to thank those of you who’ve stopped by Candid Mama’s brand new blog. You’ve made her feel very welcome to the blogosphere, and I’ll have you know that she’s quickly becoming as big an addict as we all already are. In fact, she’ll be participating in next week’s Fun Monday herself.

Tuesday I shared with you some Family Time moments. I really am blessed for the family I have, and am always happy to share them with you…thanks for your sweet comments.

On Wednesday I gave you some tidbits about the random Dream I had. But then, aren’t dreams always random? I’m still trying to decipher why certain elements creeped into my sub-conscious, but hey, without those I would have missed a perfect opportunity for a funny blog entry.

Thursday Thirteen yesterday took an interesting turn for me. I was going to give you a list of things I don’t do…silly things, such as I don’t wear nylons with sandals and nobody ever should. But somehow, in the process, the list took a serious turn, and I wound up getting all introspective. That’s the way it works I guess.

There was also a bit more poetry at Creative Karina, and the Idol recaps continue at Cafe Karina. Also, if you’re wondering when your favorite shows are coming back, drop by the Cafe sometime this weekend…I will have a post up later on with some insider (not really) info. for you.

Coming up at Candid, tomorrow’s Photo Hunt will have us feeling “High”, I will dig into my African roots, and Fun Monday promises to be a Quotable one. Also, maybe, just maybe, if you’re really good…I’ll properly introduce you to Velvet, my new Beta Fish.

The first day of Spring here in my neck of the woods brought with it some insanely strong winds. With temps in the 30’s, it felt more like a mid-winter day. Ah, Spring in New England. But, today, although still windy and cold, the sun is out. There’s at least a false sense of the new season as I sit in my office with my heater on.

Once again this week I’ve managed to reply to comments directly at each individual post, so, if you left me a comment this week, check for my response accordingly. I’m attempting to do this daily now, and really, it’s not like I get so many comments that I can’t keep up. (That was a poorly disguised plea for comments if I ever saw one).

This was an interesting blogging week for me. I had a “bloggy” success moment on Saturday when I tried a bit of a “picture switch” magic with my Photo Hunter on Saturday….and it worked!

It was also a bit of a catch up week here at Candid Karina, with two memes I’d been tagged for on Monday, another more poetic meme I’d been meaning to do for months on Tuesday, and answers to some reader’s questions on Wednesday. Yesterday it was all about Spring. And there were shoes, oh, how I want those red shoes.

I also managed a bit of poetry over at my oft-neglected writing blog, Creative Karina.

And at my new pop-culture blog, Cafe Karina, I not only kept up with my American Idol recaps, but I ventured into new territory as well. This post should show you the direction I plan on taking with that blog. In a word…random. It is for my random thoughts about the media world we live in. There will be celebrities, there will be music, there will be (of course) television, and yes, at times, there will even be news and politics. There will be snark, there will be humor (I hope), and there will be eye candy. I hope you’ll come by for a cup’a.

But that’s not all the bloggy news I have. I have two more ventures I’m extremely excited about.

First up, if you don’t know by now, I belong to a fantastic group called SheWhoBlogs. It is a community of female bloggers offering one another support, fun and friendship. We have our own blog, and also, if you click on the handy little button on the sidebar, you can join our Yahoo Group. I’m inviting you, we’d love to have you.

But here’s where the NEW comes in. Our fearless leader Frances decided that she wanted to begin a new weight loss program, and asked if any of us would be interested in joining her, and turning it into a blogging venture as well. Since I’m constantly saying I really need to get serious about getting and staying in shape, I decided I would have to join in. So, together with a group of ladies from SheWhoBlogs, today we launch our new blog SheWhoDiets (you know you love it). I’m excited to see what we will all come up with, and how we can all motivate each other to succeed in our health goals. Despite the name, this blog is not just about dieting, it is about exercise, about choosing healthy options, and just in general about making the right choices, and supporting one another in those decisions. I’m really looking forward to what’s to come. I hope you’ll stop by and see us.

And finally, the other new venture I’m giddy with excitement about. Last night at dinner at my parents’ house, I was discussing my blog and the wonderful friendships I’ve made in the blogosphere. Quite unexpectedly my mom said “I should start a blog”. Can you all hear me squealing with excitement? As a blogger I feel that everyone in the world should blog, and wish I could convince all my friends to do so, because they just don’t know what they’re missing out on. So, how cool is it that mom wants to join our ranks? I will be spending some time with her this weekend setting up a brand new blog for her…so stay tuned for Candid Momma.

That’s all I’ve got for you today, and really, that’s enough, ain’t it? Come on by tomorrow to see what I’ve come up with for the Photo Hunter “Metal” theme and next week’s Fun Monday is being hosted by Swampy, so you KNOW you’ve got to check that out.

Have a great Easter everyone.

{March 14, 2008}   Let’s play tag

There’s no real “Follow-Up Friday” this week, because I replied to each and every one of your comments in the comments sections of the appropriate posts. Therefore, if you left me a comment this week, you’ll want to check back there for my replies.

If you’ve been busy this week and are curious about what’s happened here at Candid Karina, here’s a quick recap…Saturday we kicked off the Ultimate Blog Party. Sunday I had technical difficulties, so barely managed to get a post in. Fun Monday was all about movie quotes. On Tuesday I told you all about my birthday weekend, and shared some photos and on Wednesday I had a great big thank you to my blog-buddy Sognatrice. And in yesterday’s Thursday Thirteen I had a chance to share with you some of my zoo photos. And of course, for my latest recaps and opinions on American Idol, take a gander on over to Cafe Karina.

Okay, now that we’ve got that out of the way, I thought today would be a good day to tackle one of the many memes I’ve been tagged for recently.

This one is the 30 Questions Meme, and I was tagged by Frigga. Here we go:

If your doctor told you TODAY that you were pregnant, what would you say? Somebody call the pope, we’ve got ourselves a miracle.

Do you trust all of your friends? My real friends, yes.

Would you move to another state or country to be with the one you love? I think it would fully depend on the circumstances, how serious we were, why we’d have to move, and what state and/or country we’d need to move to, and what I’d be giving up personally by moving, but for all the right reasons, yes.

Do you believe that everything happens for a reason? I actually do. We might not always know what those reasons are right away, but I do believe eventually it all makes sense.

Can you make a dollar in change right now? Probably, yes.

Which one of your friends do you think would make the best doctor? Hmm…that’s a tough one. I’m not sure any of them would, to be honest.

What naughty word do you use too often? Probably the F word. I try not to…really, I do, but sometimes it’s called for.

Is there someone who pops into your mind at random times? There are several people who pop into my mind at random times. Lately, it’s been one particular random person from my past…hmmm

What’s your most favorite scar? I don’t really get this question…do people really have favorite scars?

When was the last time you flew in a plane? As opposed to flying with my wings? Uh…it was almost two years ago now, I think…how sad. I’m due for another trip.

What features do you find most attractive in the preferred sex? Preferred sex – I like that, it’s funny. What do I find most attractive though? I don’t know, it depends on the guy, but I’ve noticed that my tastes range from one end of the spectrum to the next on appearance, so it must have something to do with personality, right?

Fill in the blank. I love __________. Life!

What is a goal you would like to accomplish in the near future? Get caught up on updating my blog roll…I’ve been trying to do it for months now.

If you were to wake up from being in a coma for an extended time who would you call? Definitely my mom.

Where was your favorite picture taken? As in favorite picture ‘of me’? I have no idea, I hate pictures of me.

What’s your middle name? That’s a little known secret around these parts.

Honestly, what’s on your mind right now? My deadline on this HUGE project I have to do at work today, and how I should really log off and get to it.

If you could go back in time and change something, what would it be? I don’t know…I’m not sure that I would change much.

Who was or will be the maid of honor/best man in your wedding? Don’t know, but with the number of weddings I’ve been in, I’ve got plenty of victims to choose from.

What are you wearing right now? Black pants with a red pinstripe, a red shirt and red stilleto boots.

Ever had a bar fight? Nope.

Who knows you the best? Hmmm, probably my mom.

Did you buy something today? Amazingly enough, I haven’t bought a single thing since Sunday.

Did you get in a fight with someone today? Not yet, but it’s early. 😉

When was the last time you had a massage? Wow, it’s been a long long time.

Last person to see you cry? There was a whole group of them actually.

Who made you cry? It wasn’t a who, as much as a what, but it wasn’t a bad thing.

What was the last TV show you watched? I watched pieces of Good Morning America before I left the house.

Who was the last person you hung out with? My parents, I had dinner with them last night.

Have you ever taken a peek at someone else’s diary? I don’t think so. I’m pretty sure I haven’t, no.

This was different, and fun. I’m not sure if I’m supposed to tag people, but I’m not going to…I’m going to instead tell you to feel free to tag yourself, if you want to.

Have a great Friday everyone, and stop by tomorrow for Photo Hunter, won’t you?

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