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{November 8, 2008}   Photo Hunt #33 – Together
The Photo Hunt theme today is “Together”. In light of the fact that I am once again going to see my favorite “Boy Band” from childhood tonight, a band that is “together” again after 15 years, I figured what could be more fitting than a few pics from the concert I attended in September.

Yeah, okay, whatever, call me silly, call me a groupie, whatever…I’m having fun. That is all!

Because I won’t be at a computer all day today, I won’t actually be signing onto the Photo Hunter site with my entry this week, but you can still check out other entries by clicking on the logo above.

Later, I’m off to Mohegan Sun to get my Donnie hug.

{October 11, 2008}   Photo Hunt #32 – Lazy

The Photo Hunter theme today is Lazy. As soon as I saw the prompt, I thought of th lazy afternoon my friend Traveller and I spent last September up at Lake Winnipesaukee.


If you’re doing Photo Hunter, that means you like taking photos and being creative. I’d love for you to join me in a new meme I’ve started. You can read all about Karina’ Alphabet Soup here.

Well, I’m off to Six Flags with a group of teenagers today. (yikes) Happy Hunting!!!

{September 27, 2008}   Photo Hunt #31 – View
The Photo Hunter theme this week is View. I could have gone in all different directions with this one, but since my girls and I just went to the New Kids On The Block Reunion Tour concert in Boston last night, and I haven’t yet come down off my high from the amazing show they put on, I figured I’d give you all a few shots of our view of the show last night.
The main stage:

At one point in th show the boys moved to a smaller stage in the middle of the audience, so close we could almost reach out and touch them:

If you’re interested in hearing more about this show, or seeing more photos, let me know in comments and I’ll keep you posted because there is a concert review coming up, and I will share the 200+ photos I’m in the process of uploading right now with anyone who asks.

Also, if you’re doing Photo Hunt, that means you love taking photos…I ask you to visit Creative Karina and check out the new meme I’m launching, I’d love for yout to be a part of it with us.

Happy Hunting Y’all!

{August 30, 2008}   Photo Hunt #30 – Beautiful

The Photo Hunter theme this week is “Beautiful”. I could have gone in so many different directions with this one, but as I was going through my recent photos, I came across this one, and it was pretty much decided for me.

I find few things as beautiful and breathtaking as when God paints a picture such as this one. Don’t you think?

Happy Hunting!

{August 16, 2008}   Photo Hunt #29 – Colorful

The Photo Hunter theme for this week is “Colorful”. I couldn’t decide between two photos, so I decided to post them both.

Man made colors:
And God’s Colors:
Happy Hunting everyone! As you read this, I’m off canoeing with a bunch of teens! Fun Fun Fun!

{August 9, 2008}   Photo Hunt #28 – Dark

The Photo Hunter theme this week is “Dark”. When I first saw the theme, I scratched my head for a bit…dark is a tough concept to catch on film. What would I post? I went into my archives for this one. I took this photo this past winter, and it’s one my favorites that I’ve taken to date.

It’s dark, but it’s so much more too, isn’t it?

Happy Hunting!

{August 2, 2008}   Photo Hunt #27 – Clouds

The Photo Hunter theme this week is “Clouds”. I have so many different “cloud” photos, that I wasn’t sure what I would post…but then last weekend I got these great shots of an oncoming storm…

Happy Hunting Everyone!

{July 26, 2008}   Photo Hunt #26 – Hanging

Before we get into this week’s Photo Hunter post, a few items of note. First and foremost…today is my daddy’s 60th Birthday…
Seen here with Luanda (who is madly in love with Candid Dad). My dad rocks! Happy Birthday Daddy!

Also, last week I wasn’t able to comment at the Photo Hunter site before I took off for a day long car wash fundraiser with the teens…so, I figured I’d give you a link to my What is That? entry.

Okay, without further ado…this week’s theme is “Hanging” and I have to tell you, when I saw the theme I was very excited because I had just taken the following shots from my office window:

Look closer:
This dude “hung” out outside my office window, at the building across the street, washing windows all morning one day last week. He is sitting on a little plank of wood, and yes, he is harnessed in, but still…not a job you’d catch me doing. A little bonus? He was pretty easy on the eyes too.

Happy Hunting!!!

The Photo Hunter theme this week is: “What is That?”…
Click on the photo for a bit more clarity (just a bit). As always I’d like to thank WillowTree for the how-to on the photo switcheroo trick. However, since I know that trick won’t work on all servers, and the other photo isn’t really all that much more obvious…check comments if you still don’t know what it is! 😉

Happy Hunting Y’all…I’m off to a fund raiser car wash with the teens. Great fun! Hey, check out my BlogHop ’08 Party Post below for a great Whoopie (also known as Moon) Pie recipe!

{July 12, 2008}   Photo Hunt #24 – Support

The Photo Hunter theme today is “Support”. There were a lot of different ways I could have gone with this one, but then I was driving home from work yesterday, and saw this:

See, I live in Merrimack Valley, and it’s pretty much impossible to get anywhere around town without having to cross one of the many bridges throughout the city. They are all different, they are all the bane of our existance come rush hour, but they are all such an intricate and fascinating support system around here.

Happy Hunting everyone…

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