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Last Thursday I saw Sex and the City 2. I know that the movie has gotten pretty bad reviews, but this is not really a movie review. I will quickly say though that those reviewers and critics who have picked this movie apart were obviously bored or expecting WAY too much. Let’s be honest, it’s Sex and the City. If you were expecting some sort of cinematic brilliance, you went to the wrong movie. If, however, you were a fan of the show, and were expecting to see just a little bit more of Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha, their crazy discussions about sex and love, and some amazing fashions and gorgeous men, you will not be disappointed. The movie was everything I expected it to be. Campy, fun, silly, over the top, self-indulgent, hilarious, and even a little bit sweet. It was also so pretty to look at. Between the scenery of NYC and Abu Dabi, the gorgeous clothes, shoes, jewelry and purses, and the bevy of gorgeous gals and guys, it was a feast for the eyes. Even the soundtrack was on par, fun, exciting.

But, as I said, this is not a movie review.

I want to talk about the 10 things this movie made me want to run out and get.


Gold nailpolish – Samantha sports this amazing metallic gold nailpolish through most of the movie, and I WANT IT. I want it NOW. Someone find it for me please.


Flowy nightgowns – Carrie struts around the hotel in abu dabi, and her apartment in Manhattan in these amazing, completely impractical nightgowns and robes. No woman in her right mind would wear any of these to sleep in, she’d wake up completely tangled and frustrated. But they are glamorous and fantastic, and I think every woman should invest in a few to walk around in while she drinks a glass of wine and watches some television, before bed. Simply because…she can. I want.

3. Shoes – Oh come on, you knew this was coming. Really, it needs no explanation. OH THE SHOES…I want. I direct you to this blog for the shoes, because they did a great job of capturing some of the best ones.

4. Girlfriends – I have amazing friends from all walks of life, all over the place, for all different occasions and situations, most of them, long distance. But I do not have (and have never really had) a group of girl friends like these four women have on this show. I love the way they can jump to each other’s rescue just as quickly as they’ll jump down each other’s throats. The way they are willing to drop everything for a night of fun, or for a night of tears. Yes, I realize it’s fiction, but wouldn’t it be grand to have a group of girlfriends you can have a standing date with once a week, or even once a month? I WANT a group of local girl friends.

5. A relationship like the one Carrie and Big have – No, seriously, in the midst of all the crazy, the unrealistic, and even the annoying, they have exactly the type of relationship I want. They respect each other’s faults, they adore each other’s quirks, they understand that they won’t always understand one another, and they are completely mature about handling their immaturity. I’m not saying I want their exact relationship, I just want the love, the respect, the trust, and the honesty. That’s not asking for much is it?

Fine, can I just get the nailpolish then? Pretty please??


{October 8, 2009}   Let’s Talk ABout Shoes

Oh shoes…how much do I love shoes. That’s not a question. If you know me even a little bit, then you know that a good pair of shoes can pretty much make my day.

Well, except maybe THOSE shoes…YIKES. No thanks.
But seriously, women are so lucky when it comes to shoes. Men get like 3 styles of shoes, we? We get hundreds. Styles, colors, sizes, heels, flats, boots, sandals…it’s enough to make a woman go crazy.
And this woman? Yours truly? I have a serious shoe addiction. SERIOUS. As in…I own upwards of 80 pairs of shoes. I can’t tell you exactly how many I own because it’s been a while since I sat and counted them all. Last time I did count I was up around 79 pairs, but I have since bought new shoes, and I have since donated some old pairs. I’ve lost count once again.
But, really, who’s paying attention to such trivial details? A woman? Can.Never.Have.Enough.Shoes.
That being said, imagine my delight when I discovered “Shoedazzle“.
What is Shoedazzle you ask? Well…you know those “Wine of the Month” clubs? How about a “Shoe of the Month” club? Sounds like the perfect invention to me. (and for the record, not that it matters, but I am NOT being paid to advertise this site, I just LOVE IT and want to share my find).
Shoedazzle is great though in that it it really a very easy “no obligation” club. I’ll let you check out the website for better details, but in a nutshell, here’s how it works: You sign up, you fill out a “Style profile”, you pay $39 a month, you get a pair of shoes per month. However, if you don’t want to participate any particular month, you “Skip” the month, and pay nothing. You also are given, based on your answers to the style profile, 5 choices at the beginning of each month, and pick your shoes from those choices. Not happy with those? (as I wasn’t with my first 5 choices), tell them why (I didn’t want any open toed shoes with winter just around the corner) and the “style experts” will send you 5 more choices.
Easy enough? So, of course, I signed up. And here is the first pair of shoes I chose:

They arrived yestertoday, and I LOVE THEM.
I will definitely be keeping them. By the way, if I was unhappy with them, I could exchange them for free, or return them for a minimal “restocking” fee.
Another note, I did a little research, and these particular shoes retail at other websites for well over $55. I got a deal.
I will not be getting new shoes every month, because…well, because I still plan on shoe shopping in other stores as well, and I have to behave myself…right? Right…yeah, that’s it. But I will keep you all posted on my choices as they come in.
Moving on, since we’re talking about shoes, can we talk about these:

Mojito Shoe

Yep, that’s a prototype for a real shoe. Click on the link above the picture for more information.
Or, what about these?
Nail Heels
Or these?
High Chair Shoes
OH, “weird shoes” abound on the internet…just a quick google search for that phrase will bring you hundreds more…try it…or check out this link.
Whewh…all this talk about shoes is making me dizzy…I need to sit down…I think I’ll sit…right…here:

If you follow me on Twitter (and if you don’t, why not?) then you know I’ve been Mrs. Cranky Pants all week.

I could get into a detailed discussion of all the reasons why Cranky Karina made her appearance known this week, but…well, it’s FRIDAY, and that means it’s Only The Good Friday, and we focus on the positives on OTGF.

SO, instead of giving Cranky Karina any more airtime, I’m going to focus on the good things.

What good things, you ask?

Oh, there’s plenty.

For starters, Fall has arrived in New England with a vengeance. And next to Summer, Fall just happens to be my favorite season of the year. It’s been a bit chillier than I would like it to be the last few days, but temps are said to be rising the next few days. Which means sleeping with windows open, waking up to that slight chill, but crisp scent in the air, and then enjoying sunny and warm afternoons before the sun sets and that crisp chill hits once again. I love fall weather, truly.

Fall also means a wardrobe change. Now, if you know me, you know these are the simple things that brighten my days. Yes, I’ll be sad to put away the summer dresses and shorts and flip-flops, but I get to exchange them for cardigans and long sleeved t-shirts and oh…boots. Did you hear me? BOOT weather is nearly here. Oh how I love my boots.

And really, when all else fails, focus on the shoes. The shoes make everything better.

Speaking of shoes, one of my twitter buddies (@ashleygreenere) introduced me to something yesterday that may just be the greatest internet invention of all time. “” is basically a “shoe-of-the-month” club. Yes, you read that right, and if you know me at all, then you know at the moment my head is SPINNING at the mere idea of this. Needless to say, yes, I signed up, and will be keeping you posted on my thoughts about the site and the program. I’m waiting until I receive my first shoe recommendations before I talk about it anymore, but I will post a review about it once I do.

BUT a shoe-of-the-month club? GENIUS.

And since I mentioned my twitter buddies, I should also mention that in the midst of the bad week I was having, those same twitter friends were a great source of support and encouragement for me. What an amazing group of people gathered together by that little blue bird, and how lucky am I to have stumbled across them. I don’t care what anybody says, as far as I’m concerned, Twitter is a GOOD thing.

I’ve met so many amazing people on this interweb, it’s such a great thing.

Speaking of my internet friends, another very good thing is happening next week. I shall have a houseguest next weekend, and she happens to be one of my very best friends. She also happens to be someone I met on the internet oh, over 8 years ago, and who I have yet to meet face to face. Yes, that’s right, we’ve never met face to face, and she’s coming to spend the weekend with me. But you have to understand that for a little under a decade, we’ve been in almost daily, and certainly weekly communication. With a small group of other ladies (some of whom we’ve both been able to meet in person), we’ve been through break-ups, marriages, childbirths, family drama, deaths and successes. These girls at times know me better than any of my “real life” friends could even dream to know me. And this particular friend and I have grown even closer in the last year or so, with daily text and instant messaging conversations. She’ll be here Thursday through Sunday and I am so excited to have her visit.

See, all good things.

So, there you have it, my Only The Good Friday post for this week. Ah, I feel better, don’t you?

Don’t forget to stop by Shelly’s, as she’s the brains (and heart) behind Only The Good Fridays.

{May 24, 2008}   Photo Hunt #19 – Shoes

Please excuse the appearance of the blog, there’s a fabulous re-design in progress, please do come back sometime next week for the grand re-opening, and to meet my fabulous designer lissa.

This week’s Photo Hunter Theme is shoes. SHOES! Well, you all know I jumped for joy at the chance to show you yet more of my shoes! But first, a new t-shirt I just bought this week:
Cute, right?

And here’s a new pair of shoes I got last week:

Yes, you’re jealous!

I didn’t know about the “alphabet theme” going on at TT today, but we’ll just call mine S, for Shoes…For today’s Thursday Thirteen, we’re going to go back. Back into my archives and a request I made of my readers to ask me questions, so that I could have some blog fodder for NaBloPoMo or something like that. I’ve managed to answer most of those questions, but there was one that I was saving for a special occasion, because it was all about shoes. And you all know how I feel about shoes. And then, the question got lost somewhere, and I recently unearthed it, and figured it was time.

The question, posed by my friend Qualcosa Di Bello was: “What is your absolute favorite pair of shoes, past and present?

Well, if you know me, then you know that is pretty much an impossible question for me to answer. Asking me to choose a favorite pair of shoes is like asking a mother to tell you her favorite child. No way I can do that and risk offending the feelings of the others. So, in lieu of giving a straight answer, I give you today’s Thursday Thirteen, all about my favorite shoes:

1. We’ll go to the past first. As I mentioned in this post, I don’t actually have really strong memories of “shoes” in my childhood. My love affair with shoes began a bit later in life. But I do remember one particular pair of turquoise blue “jellys” that I was completely in love with. I wish I could show you a photo, but I don’t have any here…I should have borrowed one of CandidMama’s photo albums. But you remember jellys, right? Boy how I loved mine.

2. Then, in about the 7th grade, I had this fantastic pair of imitation hi-top chuck taylors in baby blue and pink. Laugh if you want, but I loved those things. They earned me the nick-name “Punky” (after Punky Brewster) and I was so darn proud of that.

3. I went to college during the grunge and gangsta rap stage. My style was a mixture of both, so on any given day, you could find me in some serious “shit-kicker” boots, but I had them in all colors and styles, to go with the rest of my eclectic wardrobe.

4. It wasn’t until after college that I discovered my love affair with “girly” shoes. And I have never looked back. Here are some (just some) of my current favorites. I’ve put away my boots (thinking the summer was here…HA!) so of my boots, I have only these to show you:5. Currently, I’m all about the stilletos. These I searched for high and low because I saw this color shoe on some celebs last year, and I just HAD to have them. I love them, but they might just be the most uncomfortable pair of shoes I own…
6. I just LOVE my black and pink ones, how cute are they, seriously?

7. Every woman should own a pair of pink shoes. The picture doesn’t do the color of these justice, however…I couldn’t get the color to come out right, but they are a very pretty, girly, pink.

8. I’ve shared these recently with you, they are my brand new “interview” shoes, which I bought to wear with my brand new “interview” suit. They will both make their debut on Friday. OH, did I mention I have a job interview on Friday? Because I do. And it is for a job literally 5 minutes from my house, so if you could all keep me in mind with positive thoughts and all that, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Okay, back to the shoes:

9. And what’s a shoe collection without a pair of red shoes?

10. And soon enough, I’ll be able to break out the open toed shoes. These are my absolute favorites i that category:

11. Or maybe it’s these:

12. Hmmm…could be these sketcher flip-flops,actually, because I practically live in them all summer long:

13. But when all else fails, you can always just go barefoot. Just make sure to get a nice pedicure first. You can thank Sognatrice for the shot of my newly manicured toes, as I was complaining my BFF treated me to a pedi, and then the weathe got to cold to show off my toes, and she suggested I post a photo…so here you go…In all my OPI “I’ve Red The Script” glory:

Don’t you just love my pink jammies?

Woke up this morning to sunlight on my face. My favorite way to begin a new day.

Decided it was Spring, even if it is only 40 degrees outside, and I would put the boots aside and wear shoes today. My mauvey/pink stilletos, to be exact. Not sure if the boots are retired for good, after all, it is April in New England, we could still get snow, but for now, it feels like shoe season.

Trying really hard to maintain the excellent mood I arrived at The Firm with, but Whisper Wednesday is in full effect, and I’ve come to realize that my LEAST favorite sound in the world is the sound of whispered conversation. It scratches at me like nails on a chalkboard. Creeping into the deepest parts of my soul, stirring up feelings of inferiority long thought forgotten. The irritation when I can hear the whispering is akin to that a woman feels in the depths of her PMS…it goes from mild, to “I want to grab them and slam their heads together” in record time. Seconds away from head slamming, I close my office door and blast some Justin Timberlake. Something has to quiet the rising “office rage”. Forget road rage, THIS is what gets my blood boiling.

Deep breaths, JT’s voice, and a Timbaland beat…crack the window, inhale the fresh air, and I’m feeling better already.

The Africa story is coming, possibly as part of my Thursday Thirteen. There is a new American Idol recap over at Cafe Karina, and I’ve decided to join NaPoWriMo, or National Poetry Writing Month (where I will attempt to write a poem a day for the month of April) over at Creative Karina. Won’t you stop by?

{November 11, 2007}   Sunday Shoes
Busy busy today. Had lunch with my parents, my cousin M&M, her boyfriend and daughter, and my uncle and aunt at the local Portuguese function hall. A lunch to raise money for the youth group that is trying to travel to Australia sometime next year to visit the Pope at some youth conference. It was nice to get together with the whole family, we don’t do that nearly enough. Plus it was for a good cause.

Am working on trying to get my NaNoWriMo novel caught up, since last week was a major set back for me in terms of word count.

Also working on some other minor projects I’ve got to get on, so it’s busy busy over here.

Therefore, today, I give you a peak into my shoe closet…my brand new boots:

You know you’re jealous!

Well…I’ve been feeling sick all weekend, and due to that, didn’t have enough energy to blog…I know I still owe a “Follow-Up Friday” post (please check in this Friday where I will combine two weeks’ worth), and the next 150 things in my 200 things about me post…but I was just way too sick to focus on anything this weekend.

So, here I was ready to come in and tell you that there would be no Fun Monday post from me this week. I was going to bow out in the name of my aching throat and stuffy head. And then I go to Robin’s blog, because I couldn’t remember whether I had signed up, and I see this:

“Shoes tell a lot about a person and we wanna delve deeply into your soul sole. Photograph your favorite pair–or pairs–of shoes and tell us a little about why they’re near and dear to your toes heart (I can’t wait to see how Swampy ties this in to Breast Cancer Awareness!). Follow in Jenny’s footsteps and make a foot-family portrait…show us your baby bronzed booties…let us see the shoes YOU HAD TO HAVE (but have never worn)…or all those grotesquely dyed-to-match formerly white satin bridemaid’s shoes that were worn ONCE…the reinforced steel-toe boots that saved your big toe from being hacked off in that industrial “accident”…or, just take pictures of your nekkid feet–gnarly bunions, twin toes, or perfectly OPI-pedicured tootsies.”

Shoes? Did somebody say shoes? Well then…I can’t exactly pass up an opportunity to share some of my shoes, can I? After all, when you own over 75 pairs, you owe it to the masses to share them all.

This is why I’m really sad about how sick I felt last night, because I just didn’t have the energy to go take pictures. But, lucky for you, I’ve blogged about my shoes a few times before, so I had some pictures available.

As far as my feet are concerned…well, my tootsies are the ones on the banner to this blog.

I’m really sad to not be able to participate more enthusiastically in a Fun Monday about one of my favorite topics…you know I must be feeling pretty sick if I’m passing up a chance to elaborate on shoes…but I’ll make up for it; one of these days I’ll post pictures of more shoes just for the hell of it!

Be sure to visit Robin for more Fun Mondayers…and check back later, I promise another 50 things about me.

{August 28, 2007}   Interview with a blogger

There’s this great new meme going around and I just HAD to take part in it. Basically, a blogger interviews you, and you post the answers on your own blog. Then you invite your readers to volunteer to be interviewed, and you interview THEM, and they post it on their blog, and then they invite their readers to….well, you get the point. Can you just see how fun this can get? Because, then, when you post your answers, and ask your readers if they want to be interviewed, I can go and ask to be interviewed again, and this can just be blog fodder for ever and ever…and you’ll get to find out those things about me you’ve always wanted to know…or something…okay, anyway…

My buddy Frigga recently participated with this post. Of course, I happily volunteered to be interviewed. Here are her questions, and my OH SO witty answers. Ahem, right…let’s get on with it.

It took me quite a while to answer these, and if you’ve been reading my blog for any amount of time, you know that A)I break rules, and B)I’m very long winded…so…enjoy, it’s a long one:

1. Let’s get the obvious out of the way – why do you blog?

WELL…the timing on this couldn’t be more perfect, because I just answered this yesterday in my Fun Monday entry. However, the short answer is this: I blog because I’m a writer by nature, and need an outlet for my creativity, even if it’s just in the form of my random thoughts. I blog because I always have a million things zooming around in my head that I want to explore and elaborate on. I blog because it’s fun to see how people react to my zany thoughts, and get other opinions on things I wonder about. I blog because there is this insanely cool world in the blogosphere that I’ve now discovered and just CANNOT get away from. I blog because it is just the coolest thing EVER and I love it. I blog because I’ve always been a bit of an attention whore, and love the attention my blog can get me. Well, so much for a short answer, right? But there it is…I blog because it seriously is one of the greatest ways I’ve encountered of getting to be ME.

I Blog, Therefore I Am

2. Okay Ms. Single – what are you looking for in a man?
Frigga, this is why we get along so well. Because we are obviously on the same wavelength. Again, I just answered this in my Thursday Thirteen post last week. However, the TT was written in fun and humor, and I think some folks actually thought I was serious about wanting each and every one of those things exactly as I requested them. One person even told me my standards were too high…so I’ll be more serious in my answer here. (However, for the record, my standards are pretty damn high…I’ve been single this long, why should I settle for less than the best?)…okay, okay…
What am I looking for in a man? It would be easier to answer with what I am NOT looking for in a man, because that I know for sure. What I want, I’m not so sure about.
I am looking for someone who is going to come into my life to make it just that little bit…more. I have a good life. Actually, I might even go on and say that I have a great life. I have a good job, make decent money, own my own place, have a wonderful group of friends, a fantastic family, and am not lacking in things to do to keep me occupied. I am truly blessed with my life, and don’t take any of it for granted. I have worked my ass off to get where I am today and have what I have, and don’t ever sell myself short in realizing what I’ve gotten for myself. I am a truly independent soul, and have gotten used to living life on my own. I have learned to be alone without feeling lonely, and I have also learned the art of surrounding myself with great people when I can’t stand to be alone any longer. So, what the hell does any of that have to do with what I’m looking for in a man? It’s easy. I’m looking for someone who is just going to kind of easily FIT into my lifestyle.
Yes, I’m well aware that I’ll have to adapt, compromise, make some changes, all that comes with the territory of relationships. But I am hoping to find someone who won’t require a complete life change from me, because I’m not prepared to do that.

I have taken the time to work on myself, and make myself the best me that I can. I am looking for a man who has taken the time and the effort to do the same with himself. Someone who knows who he is, knows where he is in life, and has a general idea of where he wants to go next. Someone who can and wants to be with me, but at the same time, can and wants to have his own life apart from mine, in the beginning at least. As things progress, that can change. I grew up in a household where my parents do everything together, and I’m not opposed to that…just not yet.

I am looking for a man who doesn’t have a problem with my self-reliance. I’ll still let him open jars for me, but I can open them myself too, and the truth is if he tries to open them for me all the damn time, it’s going to piss me off. Okay, maybe not the jars, but you get the point.

I am looking for a man who can make me laugh. This is key. I think life can really suck a lot of the time, so if we can’t laugh about most of it, we won’t make it. A man who can be goofy, and stupid, and ridiculous, but knows when to turn that off and be serious. No grouches though, please, I can’t handle it. Life is too short to be in a bad mood all the time.

I need my man to be intelligent. As I said in my TT, he doesn’t have to be a genius, but if we can’t have serious, intellectual conversations about stuff, then I’ll get bored real soon. I love to argue and debate, and analyze things…I love to do it with others. My man has to be able to do that with me.

I want a man that can make me feel like a woman. This should need no explanation…any woman out there knows exactly what I mean. It’s just that feeling you get that no matter how independent and self-sufficient you are, once in a while, you want to just be a lady and your man to be a MAN.
(it wouldn’t hurt if he had THAT back? hmmm…)
There are other things as well, he has to love family, because mine is the most important thing in my life. He has to want kids, because I absolutely want them, and have plans of adopting at least one child in my lifetime, whether or not I have some biologically. He has to be employed, and a hard worker, but not be all about work. It would help if he can dance, but as long as he’s willing to get out on the dance floor with me, I don’t even care if he’s any good. Just dance with me.
And two things I will not budge on EVER are the smoking and the drinking. I will unequivocally NOT date a smoker, EVER…I hate the stuff, want nothing to do with it, and will not have it in my house, will not kiss a smoker, YUCK…no thanks.
And alcohol for me can also be a deal breaker. I enjoy a good drink as much as the next person, but I drink socially, and in small quantities. My days of bragging about how many drinks I ingested are far behind me, and I have no plans of going back there. If “going out drinking” is still part of how a man spends his free time, then he’s not the one for me. If he’s “having a few drinks” while he’s out doing other activities, I don’t have a problem with that. I’m not against alcohol, I just don’t want to date an alcoholic (I’ve done it before, it’s not pretty). And please, whatever you do, don’t be one of those assholes who thinks driving with alcohol in your system is okay as long as you don’t get caught. We really won’t get along then.

As far as looks go, I’m not really picky. I could tell you the kind of guys I’m attracted to, but the list is long. The truth is that my tastes have broadened from my younger days, and there are several “types” of men that I find attractive. And I honestly believe that personality has a lot to do with it. I’m not saying looks don’t matter, they do; I’m just saying that just like with everything else in my life, I have eclectic tastes.

How about that for a long answer! Hey, you asked.

3. How many shoes do you really have? And what’s your favorite pair? And do you really wear all of them? (I know it seems like three, but it’s really only one… Never mind that man behind the curtain)

This is definitely three questions, but since they’re about shoes, I won’t complain. Be forewarned, you gave me 3 questions on my favorite topic…you are in for it now.

Okay, at last count (which was at the beginning of the summer) I had 69 pairs of shoes. Shut up, it is not too many!
However, I have since bought at least 6 more pairs, (okay, I’m lying, I’ve probably bought closer to 10 pairs), BUT I have thrown out about 5 pairs as well. (okay, I’m lying again, I still have them, but they are in a bag in my room which is going to goodwill one of these days, seriously!).
I really do wear I’d say about 95% of them. Seriously. Here’s the deal, I have winter shoes, summer shoes and inbetween shoes. My winter shoes consist mostly of boots. My boots are for all occasions. I have stiletto boots I wear to work. I have other boots I wear which are slightly more comfortable for days when there is snow on the ground, but still dressy. I have boots I wear for really crappy weather days. I have casual boots for the weekends, I have sneakers. I have these in all sorts of colors to go with the myriad of outfits I wear. I have shoes. Dress shoes, casual shoes, work shoes, going out shoes, I have these in all colors. I have sandals. Dressy sandals, casual sandals. Flip-flops I have many. Again, in all colors. On average, I wear about 5 or 6 different pairs of shoes in any given week. Some days I will wear two different sets of shoes, depending on what I am doing in the morning, and then again at night. Because my wardrobe is about as extensive as my shoe collection, I can go weeks without wearing the same pair of shoes twice. I do, however, have my staples, which are worn more than any other shoes. These are usually black. My favorite and/or more comfortable black heels, black sandals, black boots, etc.
I do not feel guilty in the slightest because of my extensive shoe collection. I have paid cash for every pair of shoes I own. I have worked hard for that cash, and I choose to spend it on things that make me happy. Shoes make me happy.
I have never spent above $60 on a pair of shoes. And in fact, the ONE pair of shoes that I can think of that I spent $60 on, are the most uncomfortable pair of shoes I own, and I actually am extremely upset about having spent that money on them. Damn shoes…Nine West might just get an angry letter from me about them.
Most of my shoes I buy on clearance. I own several pairs of designer shoes that I have paid a mere $7 for. With deals like that, what sane person can resist? Shut up, I am too sane!!!
I have shoes I have owned for 6 years or longer. So, although my collection is extensive, I’ve been building it for years. Every year I recycle some, and buy new ones to replace them. This is my shoe philosophy: no matter how fat or ugly you are feeling on any given day, the right pair of shoes can always make you feel 100 times better. Try it, you’ll see.

Now, as far as which pair is my favorite. Seriously? That’s like asking a mother which child is their favorite. I can’t possibly answer that question. So, instead, I’ll show you pictures of some of my current favorites that are in heavy rotation in my closet at this time. Enjoy:

4. What movie character most closely represents you in real life? (I’m sorry that’s worded kind of funny,but I don’t know how to say it more clearly without typing a paragraph… which I’ve just done. Please ignore everything after that last question mark.) 😛

Boy, that’s a toughie…you’ve got some thought provoking questions here. Can I cheat and use TV Characters too? Well, I’m going to anyway. The first one that popped into my mind was Carrie Bradshaw, from Sex and the City, but that’s because I just answered the shoe questions above. haha

In all seriousness though…this really is a tough one because there are not any movies out there that I can think of with a female who is single and comfortable with it. Most movies about a single woman focus on her desperate need to find a man. This makes it hard for me to identify with most of them, because although I love men, I’m not desperate to have one in my life.

That said, I remember really identifying with Diane Lane’s character “Frances” in “Under the Tuscan Sun”. I mean, I didn’t get to move to a fantastic Villa in Tuscany, but a lot of the same feelings and personality traits of hers mirrored mine. She is one of the few female characters I can think of who was comfortable in her own skin. She kind of had to learn to get there, and it didn’t come without all kinds of drama, but when she finally got there, she was a strong woman, who was making choices for herself, without much concern for what the rest of the world thought about her. She didn’t fit any particular “mold” that society wants so badly to put us into. That’s me. I live my life by my rules, and most of the time my rules are about as far from society’s expectations as you can get.

Another one is Julia Robert’s character in Mona Lisa Smile. Here was another woman who was just doing her own thing, and not letting societal pressures dictate how she should live her life. I also felt like her role of teaching these young girls that they COULD be independent, and do their own thing, is on a much lesser scale, how I am with my friends. I’m always the one trying to get them to realize that they are valuable members of society all on their own. Apart from the men in their lives.

This is going to make me sound all feminist and crap, so let me throw in a few characters with a more lighthearted representation of me. When I asked a friend how I should answer this question, she told me to say either Romy or Michelle from Romy and Michelle’s High School Reunion, because they were fun and stylish and didn’t give a crap what anyone thought of them. I love this, I’ll go with that. And she added that I’m a little bit Elle Woods from Legally Blonde too…in that I’m more fun than serious, more likely to hang out at some comedy show than a library, but with a sense of style, and even though on the surface I appear fun and carefree (although never ditzy such as Elle), I’m really intelligent and a hard worker, and the results of my work show it.

So, how’s that for a long winded answer?

5. And now we’ve reached gossip time. Please tell us about the worst date you’ve ever been on.

OOH well…this one also required some serious thought. I have a couple of these as well…the first one I can think of took place when I was still in high school. My friend and I had met some boys from a neighboring city, which was (and still is) known for its crime rate and basic ghettoishness. We thought we were so cool not telling our parents where we were going and hanging out with said boys at their house. Until we went to leave and my car had been broken into, and money had been stolen out of our wallets. Leaving our purses in the car is only one of the many stupid decisions we made that night. I later found out that it had been my own date’s brother who had stolen the money, so he could go buy drugs. Yep, that was our last date.

A few years later, during my college years, I attempted to go on a date with a guy I knew from the club circuit. Him and I had known each other for a while, and every time we’d run into each other at the club, we’d hang out all night, but we’d never been on an actual “date”. We finally decided to take the plunge, and I bought tickets to catch “The Blue Man Group”. (He was to reimburse me for the tickets…think you see where this is heading already? Oh no, it’s worse). The plan was that we would meet in a local McD’s parking lot, and he would then drive us into the city, where we would have dinner and then watch the show. All was well until he was already 45 minutes late for our meeting time, then arrives and decides he MUST go into McD’s to buy a soda, comes back out and realizes he has locked his keys in his car…with the engine running. Cut to two hours later, when a tow truck finally shows up to unlock the car, and we’ve basically hung out at McD’s all night, and I don’t even think he bought me dinner…even at McD’s. We pretty much called it a night after that, and I never did get my money for those tickets. And no, we never went out again.

Then there was the date I was set up on by a friend. Yes, you can groan now…This was yet another one of those situations where a friend assumes that because you are single, and someone she knows is single, then you two will automatically be a perfect match. For some reason I have yet to figure out, I agreed to exchanging phone numbers with this guy, and for even more inexplicable reasons, after a short telephone conversation, I agreed to have dinner with this guy. Now, I had told my friend prior to the number exchange that I was not looking for an “instant relationship”, so for her to please make sure that he was aware of this. She told me this had been claryfied, and he was of the same mindset as I. Great! During our brief telephone conversation, we’d discussed our personal lives, and I’d informed him that I was newly single, and enjoying a bit of that freedom and wasn’t looking to get serious with someone right away. Once again, he agreed. Okay, good…right? Yeah.

So, I arrive at the restaurant where we are having dinner and meet him out front. He has put our name in, and we are waiting for a table. He informs me that he has downloaded Alicia Key’s “Fallin’ to be my ringtone, because he knows I like that song. SERIOUSLY?? Because we have now known each other face to face for a total of 5 minutes. Hmm…okay. Still waiting for our table we begin talking about our individual plans for the upcoming weekend (we are having dinner on a Wednesday night). As I rattle off my extensive plans for the weekend (night out with the girls on Friday, day with my “little sister” on Saturday, blah blah), he stops me and says “Well, what about me? When are you going to make time for me?” Did you hear that? That was my brain doing the tires screeching, putting on the breaks, WHOA NELLY sound… Then our table was called. I spent the remainder of the dinner trying to get my hand back from him so I could use my utensils to eat, and trying to explain to him that marriage was just not part of my plans for that summer. No, I never did go out with him again. My friend did tell me later that he was “heartbroken”, and apologized profusely for setting me up with a stalker type, because although I stopped taking his incessant calls, she had to work with him and deal with him asking her repeatedly what was going on in my life. She was actually relieved when she was laid off about a month later.

The most recent bad date I went out on was at least 3 1/2 years ago. This was also my last attempt at online dating, and probably the reason I’ve been hesitant to try it or any other kind of dating pretty much since then. Here was a guy I’d been chatting with online, and then on the phone with for a while. We were getting along well enough, so decided to have dinner. Now, before I get to dinner, I need to back up and tell you that most of our telephone conversations would either start with him telling me “I just got in from the gym” or end with “I have to get going, I’m heading to the gym”. This is very important for you to know.

Also, he had mentioned at one point his recent conversion to Judaism. I didn’t particularly have an issue with this, although, in hindsight, I probably should have put more weight on it, because someone who converts to any particular religion in adulthood, is obviously going to have some strong beliefs in that area, and I’m more of a “spiritual” as opposed to “organized religion” type of person.

Anyway, all this background is important because it sets up the punchline. Which is that upon meeting this man, and watching him have to slide sideways into the booth because his ass was too large to fit otherwise, and listening to him try to convert me to Judaism all night, I realized two things. 1. he’d never honestly seen the inside of any gym in America and 2. online dating was just not for me.

And there you have it, me in a nutshell…albeit more of a coconut sized shell…

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Interview rules:
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{February 8, 2006}   Snow Shoes??

I live in New England. It is cold here from about September 20th to about the end of May. Maybe I’m exaggerating a bit, but really, if you’re a New Englander, you know I’m not stretching it all that much. Summer lasts about 3 weeks or so, falling somewhere between July and August. The rest of the year is mild at best.

This winter, we’ve had what they’re calling an “unseasonably warm” winter. The temps have stayed in the mid to upper 40s and 50s, the sun has been out, we are all very pleased, well, except maybe the skiers. Winter appears, however, to be on it’s way back in, and as New Englanders, we will grumble, and complain, but we’ll grab our shovels, our hats and mittens, and deal with it. We live here, therefore, we deal.

The weather, per se, is not my issue today. Today, my issue is with the retail industry, so if you will indulge me:

An open letter to retail America:

Dear Retailers:

In case nobody alerted you, the groundhog saw his shadow. This means that we are expecting six more weeks of winter. For us New Englanders, that means about 12 more weeks of unreasonably cold weather, and the occasional Nor’Easter. While I understand your excitement at the colorful new bathing suits you’ve created, do I need to see them now? When just the mere thought of going outside in a bikini sends shivers into my brain, walking into Target and seeing rows upon rows of multi-colored itty bitty swimsuits is NOT a pleasant experience.

Now, let’s talk shoes for a minute, shall we? Shoes, as I’m sure you are aware, are an essential part of any self-respecting woman’s wardrobe. We love our shoes. We take our shoes very seriously. So, it goes without saying that a woman in New England will not only have a vast collection of winter shoes (ie boots), but won’t be caught dead in open toe shoes until AT LEAST May, for fear of losing her poor little toes to frostbite.

That said, why is it that in the first weeks of February it is nearly impossible to find any footwear in any retail establishment that would cover afore mentioned toes? Boots? HA! Nary a one. Are we then to presume that if we have an unfortunate accident mid-winter, for example, a heel breaking off the staple “every woman has them” knee high black boots, we then will have to refrain from wearing black until it is safe to show our toes?

I’m not asking for much, I would just like to buy shoes and clothes during the actual season when I can actually wear them. And PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, now that you’ve released the swimsuits into the wild, can we keep them around until those of us who live in layers for warmth have had a chance to shed the “winter weight”? Say…May?

Many thanks.

et cetera