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{April 21, 2008}   Sunday Scribblings – Compose


She said “Do not let him destroy you”
“This is not the end for you”
She said “Compose yourself”
“Get it together”
And I knew what I had to do
Wiped my tears
pushed back my shoulders
gathered my thoughts
stood tall
Packed my bags
made up my mind
Picked up the phone
and made the call
“I’m leaving you
I’m through,
I’m done dealing
With the pain
I don’t even know
Why I stayed this long
You make me miserable
Crazy, insane”
Hung up the phone
gathered my keys
took one last look
walked out the door
The weight lifted
Right off my shoulders
Could be no clearer
I don’t need you anymore.

Copyright 2008 – Karina

For Sunday Scribblings – Prompt “Compose”

The Sunday Scribblings Prompt this week is “Fellow Travelers”. We are being asked to think about the people we find ourselves traveling beside in life. Whether on a bus or on a plane, or simply as we move through our days, who are our seatmates? For some reason, when focusing in on this topic, my heart shifted inward. I focus on my one constant companion as I travel through my days. We all have our own, this one’s mine:
Thank You
I awake with your kiss on my brow
and I inwardly thank you again
I rise, ready to face the world once again
with you by my side.
Stepping outside my door
you paint a picture for me
snow covered, sunlight streaming through
the trees
Just for me, you say
And I inwardly thank you again
Hours later, you sing to me
my mother calls to say hello
my brother asks me for advice
my father tells me he loves me
your song is beautiful
And I inwardly thank you again
You put your chef’s hat on
and together we create a satisfying meal
I eat to my heart’s content,
You let me take the credit for how it tastes
And inwardly, I thank you again
You tuck me in, sweet kisses as the lights go out
I feel your presence as I snuggle in my warm covers
Another day we’ve spent together
My favorite travel companion
For this, I thank you.
Copyright 2007 – Karina

The theme for Sunday Scribblings this week is “The Date”. Oh, the timing of this theme. I wish I could tell you, but for now, I give you this (and yes, it is fiction):

First Date

She stands at the mirror and meticulously applies her make-up. Not a hair out of place, dressed to the nines, she is ready. Nervous anticipation builds within her, and she takes a deep breath. It’s been a while since she’s done this and she’s not quite sure if she’s ready, but it’s time. It’s time to face it head on and move on with the rest of her life.

Grabbing her jacket and purse, she heads out the door. It is a casual meeting this time, coffee, chit chat, in a public place. Everything planned just so, but with an air of non-challance. She arrives a bit early and chooses the perfect table. By the window, so she can have a bit of distraction, something to talk about should the conversation go stale, and yet private enough in the corner should the conversation lend itself to more intimate topics. Ordering an espresso, she pulls out her book and begins to read. She’s never been good at waiting, so she will immerse herself in her novel and hope in this way, he’ll arrive before she even realizes it.

Her coffee arrives, and she surveys the room as she sips it. A group of college kids sits in a corner booth, working on a term paper hovering over each other, shooting off ideas and typing vigourously on their laptops. An elderly couple sit quietly, looking at each other with tenderness earned from decades of a love affair youngsters would never comprehend. A mother juggles a baby with a bottle and a toddler with chocolate chip residue all over his hands. The door opens and she looks up. Not him.

She settles back into her chair and reopens her book. Instantly she becomes immersed in the story again, and before long, she’s lost track of time, of her surroundings, of the reason she is here. It is only a while later, much later, that she realizes she’s read quite a few chapters now, and her coffee is long gone, and she still sits alone. The elderly couple has gone. So has the mother and her children. The college kids are still immersed in their studies, but a whole new crop of customers has filled the seats around her. And he? He’s nowhere to be seen.

She looks at her watch. He’s not just late, he’s obviously not going to show. Checking her phone for messages, she finds none. So there it is, she’s been stood up.

She signals the waitress and requests her bill. Gathering her things, she sighs. And this one seemed so promissing. She remembers again why she stopped dating so long ago. The games people play seem so childish to her. “We should know better at this age”, she thinks. She smiles, pays for her coffee, leaves a generous tip, and leaves.

Well, it’s a new year, so I’m giving “Sunday Scribblings” another go at Creative Karina.

This week’s prompt is “New” or “New Year”, whichever we choose to use.

A few haikus:

A New Beginning
The Dawn of a fresh today
yesterday is gone

we rise with new goals
determined to make a change
resolutions plenty

clean slate, wide open road
the future to be molded
the past memories

A Happy New Year
May your blessings be many
Raise your glass and cheer

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{November 5, 2007}   Sunday Scribblings #7 – Money

This week’s Sunday Scribblings Prompt is “Money”. Ah..Money…as I’m in the middle of both NaNoWriMo and NaBloPoMo (on my other blog), I’ll keep this one short and sweet:

The root of all evil
the seed of all hope
the end
the beginning
a slippery slope

we spend it
we save it
we hoard it
we share it
without it we crave it
but with it
we bear it

what is it about it
that makes us so crazy
how is it without it
the world becomes hazy

This thing we call money
some paper, some ink
it all seems so funny
and yet in the blink
of an eye
you’d grab it
don’t lie.

Copyright 2007 – Karina

I didn’t participate last week….just couldn’t get my muse to show up for the “collector’s” edition.

But I’m back. This week I present my first short story for Sunday Scribbings.

Same time, same place?

Every morning for the last two weeks we’ve been having coffee together, and I don’t even know his name. As I watch him over the book I pretend to read, I wonder if he too is aware of our routine. It started innocently enough, I came into the coffee house for my morning jolt of caffeine, sat at my usual table, and cracked open my book. Sitting there enjoying the early autumn breeze, mixed with last sunrays of summer, I watched him walk in and order. “Large, black, two sugars please”. His voice, strong, confident, brought my eyes away from Harry and Hermoine just long enough to notice the chiseled cheekbones, the bright blue eyes. Handsome. He sat at a table directly across from mine, dug out his newspaper, and sat back to read. Our eyes met for a second, and he smiled. I smiled back. Then went back to my book.

The next day, almost having forgotten our brief encounter, I heard it again. “Large, black, two sugars please.” And there he was. Handsome. Again he sat across from me, again he smiled.

Almost two weeks later now, and we continue this charade. Pretending not to notice the other one noticing. I read, a different book now, he persuses the local news. I close my book, place it in my purse, and stand to leave. He folds his paper, nods at me, and walks out the door.

Each day, the smile lasts a little bit longer. Each time, we walk out the door a little bit closer in time. We do a dance, we toe the line.

“Large, black, two sugars please”. I hear again. He sits, he smiles, I smile.

My coffee done, I close my book, look up. Folding his paper he stands. We reach the door together, he holds it open. I laugh. “Hi, my name is Destiny”, extending my hand. He takes it. “Justice”.

Copyright 2007 – Karina

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{September 8, 2007}   Sunday Scribblings #4 – Writing

I see this as a work in progress, I can see so many more stanzas in my mind’s eye, and am looking forward to flushing it out much more. In the meantime, I wanted to have it up for this week’s Sunday Scribblings:

On Writing

Infinite words in the universe
numerous languages to choose
topics as vast as the oceans
where shall I direct my muse?

what am I writing today
a poem, a story, a simple haiku
or is it the novel in progress
a song, another book review?

Am I staying above the surface
or digging into my soul
is it merely a creative moment
or am I reaching the ulitimate goal

whatever direction I take
whatever my form of delivery
in writing, I’m breathing, I’m living
I’m creating a piece of my history

Copyright 2007 – Karina

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{September 2, 2007}   Sunday Scribblings #3 – The End

The Sunday Scribblings Prompt for this week is “The End” I actually wrote this a few weeks ago, but just found it tonight again, and it fit perfectly, so I thought I would share it here.

Two Worlds

He watches in the background
Taking in the action
But never taking part
He absorbs the details
Stores them for later review
And never participates

There is a certain beauty
In the way his eyes scan the crowd
Focus momentarily on this thing
Or that
There is a special mystery
Hidden within that reserve
As if he knows something
The rest of us are oblivious to

He smiles periodically
When something strikes his fancy
And frowns almost instantly
As if he remembers himself
And now and again, he grins
And almost winks in my direction
As if he knows I watch him
Watch us

We play a game of sorts
Pretending not to see
That I’m as aware of him
As he appears to be of me
I follow his gaze
To different focus areas
And watch through his eyes
The world I inhabit daily

The train reaches the station, the doors open
I step inside
He takes the random dollar bills and pocket change
From inside his guitar case, places his guitar inside and closes it
He stands to leave, looks straight at me
And bows.
The show is over.

Copyright 2007 – Karina

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Went out last night, had an um…interesting time. About to start dating again, in my early 30’s, and the options are limited. We’re going with humor today for Sunday Scribblings. I present to you:

“Maybe I’m not ready”

A night out on the town with the girls
an adventure.
“You’re about to start dating again” they say
we’ll head out “to get a feel”
of what is out there for me

No expectations, no plans
not really searching to meet “the one”
just an experiment

“We’ll have some fun,
Flirt shamelessly” they laugh
And see what the world has to offer
me this time.

And we head out

A few drinks later,
some mind numbing conversations,
and let’s not forget
the creepy brazillian guy…
and I get that sinking feeling
that I will be single forever.

Copyright 2007 – Karina

I’ve done some Sunday Scribblings entries in my other blog Candid Karina, but this is my first on this new creative writing blog, so I’m going to take it as if I’m starting now, and try to become a weekly member of this Meme, but ONLY enter “fictional, creative” entries. This week’s Theme is Dear Diary, so here goes:

Dear Diary,

One more day without him
and I made it through okay
I cried a little, when the sun went down
but I made it one more day

I had to stop and catch my breath
when I remembered he was gone
but I plowed on through, I held on tight
and another day is done.

It gets easier as days go by
but it seems harder in some way
it’s as if when it becomes easier for me
He’s slowly drifting further away

Dear Diary,

I don’t want him to be part of my past
I don’t want his memory to fade
But I know if I don’t carry on, preservere
Than what impact will he have made?

He came into my life to teach
To influence, to show me the way
And if I don’t use the lessons I learned
Then I’ve wasted another day.

So today, dear diary, I made it through
Another day without him, and I survived
Tomorrow, I’ll do it again some way
I’ll keep on living, to keep his dream alive.

Copyright 2007 – Karina

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