Candid Karina

{April 15, 2008}   Writer’s Island – Flight


I’ve met you once before
In a dream I had, not so long ago
But as dreams often do
Your face wasn’t clear to me
Yet I knew it was you
Now, we sit inches apart
A chance encounter
A random stroke of fate
And I want to tell you
All that I know
We can be
But you don’t even know me
Laid back in your seat
Earphones pumping some melody
Eyes closed to the world around you
You know not
What I know
Unaware of my eyes
My nervous anticipation
My internal debate
“Do I say something?
Do I let it go?”
The flight attendant approaches
“Sir, please raise your seat,
We’re preparing for take-off”
You remove the earbuds,
turn and catch my eye
And smile at me
Smiling back,
I realize you’re not ready to know
I’ve met you once before
In a dream I had, not so long ago

Copyright 2008 – Karina

For the Writer’s Island “Flight” and Matinee Muse “Chance Encounter” prompts.

The Writer’s Island prompt this week is “Lost Highway”.

I’ve realized I have a really hard time with prompts that are this specific. It’s not that the prompt isn’t a good one, because it is, it’s just that it is a bit too literal for me. I could probably come up with a good short story for it, but I don’t have the time for a short story right now, and besides, I’m on a poetry kick this month, trying to succeed at NaPoWriMo and all. So, I’ll move on to the next prompt.

The Matinee Muse prompt is “Rivals”. I think the following is a work in progress…but here it is for now:

The Challenge

You asked for it
Flaunting yourself
Batting your eyelashes
Laughing that phony giggle
You do it so well
Knowing better

You saw us
Holding hands
Smiling at each other
across the room
A quick kiss goodbye
On the front steps

You challenged it
Deciding it would be
Your project
To hurt me
To ruin us
To take what’s mine

So now, we’re opponents
In a game
I didn’t sign up to play
But I’m here now
Suited up
Ready for battle

And Never

Not for one minute
Will I consider
he’ll choose you
When he has me
Forget it

You started this
You chose to challenge me
But let me finish it
I have no time
For rivalry
Back off.

Copyright 2008 – Karina

{April 1, 2008}  

The Writer’s Island prompt this week is “torrid”. The only direction I can think to go with this prompt is cliched at best, unimaginative at the least, so I feel I must leave this one alone. The Matinee Muse prompt, however, is “The Gamble”. I think I can play along with this one.
The Gamble
Eyes focused
Leaning back in his chair
Giving off the appearance of ease
Watching the dealer’s hands
Calculations in his head
Studying his competitors
For clues
A smile curves the corners
Of his perfect lips
And he sighs
“All in”
Throwing his chips on the table
A murmur in the surrounding crowd
The odds, against him
The stakes, high
The gamble, immense
Sweat beads on his opponent’s brow
And he knows
He’s beaten him
Outplayed him
Swindled him
He folds
And with a grin,
While collecting his winnings,
He shows me his cards
Void of any value
For any other player
A losing hand
Copyright 2008 – Karina

Two prompts, two takes on the same scene:


She’s been here before
Many times at this door
Her hand on the knob
Her heartbeat a throb
Indecision stirring
Thoughts in her head whirring
Should she stay or go
Why does he hurt her so
Once again heart breaking
Once again soul aching
Promises made, then broken
Empty words often spoken
She loves him, she hates him
Apologizes, placates him
He tortures, he’s tortured
Her fortune, misfortune
Such passion and fire
Such anger and ire
And over and over they battle
The walls of their cage they rattle
She’s been here before
Many times at this door
But this time, this one
It’s over, she’s done.


She’s been here before
Many times at this door
And this time, this one
Is it over? Is it done?
She refuses to accept it
She decides to reject it
They’ve had tougher frays
Always better the next day
He loves her, she knows it
So often he shows it
She’s valued and treasured
His love can’t be measured
His words, like a knife
Her own, taking life
They’re hurtful, enraged
But both, so engaged
He reaches for her, tenderly
“I love you my sweet”, don’t you leave
With tears in her eyes,
She drops back and sighs
She’s been here before
Many times at this door
But there won’t be regret
She can’t open it yet.

Copyright 2008 – Karina

I’ve missed a few weeks’ fo Writer’s Island prompts, due to some crazy busy stuff going on, but I’m back. This week’s prompt is “Spellbound”

Do You?

My world changes

in a blink of an eye
your eyes

looking into mine
reaching in for permanence
No longer uncertain

Speaking volumes with one look

This is a sure thing
Unable to look away


A feeling of comfort enfolds me
No where else I’d rather be

No one else

Could so fully complete me
Blinking again

I sigh

Part my lips

In expectation
And say the words
that bind our love

“I do”.
Copyright 2008 – Karina
There is also a secondary prompt going on over at Writer’s Island now, called Matinee Muse, and this week’s prompt is Awakening.
Drops of water

shimmy on down

morning dew

not a sound

but it’s beginning
Early sunrise
later sunset

almost ready

but not quite yet

to the ending
Hear a chirp here

a sweet song there

flying in

on a a wing and a prayer

they’re all settling in
A bit of green

beneath the snow

and sight unseen

the seedlings grow

ah Spring, let it begin
Copyright 2008 – Karina
Good to be back.

{February 26, 2008}   Writer’s Island #’s 22 and 23

I completely missed Writer’s Island last week…I can’t even give you an excuse as to why, it just slipped by unnoticed. Funnily enough, the theme was “Time Travel”, so I’m going to travel back in time, and post my bit here, along with this week’s entry, for the theme of “Second Chance”, because I wrote the following haiku and realized it sort of fit both themes:
Do Over
If I could do it
All over again once more
I wouldn’t change a thing
Copyright 2008 – Karina

And just one more for the Second Chance prompt:
Maybe we might have
Maybe we could have
Maybe so
But the distance of time
The haziness of my mind
Forces me to decide
That if given a second chance
Another try at us
I’m not sure I would have
Copyright 2008 – Karina
There is also a second prompt this week at WI – a new idea blossoming, based on movie releases…Matinee Muse…that prompt Perspective. I have the perfect piece for this prompt, written many years ago, but do not have it with me today, so I will save this one for later this week.
Happy reading, happier writing folks!

The Writer’s Island Prompt this week is “Changed”. This one I dedicate to my grandma Odilia.
Odilia Speaks

Caught up in the minutiae
Each one a cause for stress
Every one, reason for concern
Worry, grief, analysis

Never enjoying the day to day
Apprehensive of the future
Questioning each turn
Scared into paralysis

And then…

Before you left us
You told me resolutely
Don’t waste these moments
They’re all you’ll get

And how you blessed us
Now in your absence
I live each second
Cherish each step

And now…

I miss you every day
Wish we could speak again
I have so much to tell you
My stories would never end

I’ll see you again one day
Our destinies, prearranged
I’ll tell you then, your words
I listened
I changed

Copyright 2008 – Karina

{February 5, 2008}   Writer’s Island #’s 19 and 20

The muse took a vacation last week. Try as I might, I just couldn’t get inspired to create anything for the Writer’s Island or Sunday Scribblings prompts. So, I let the muse sit back on the couch, put her feet up, watch some reality tv for a while.

She’s back now, and has decided that last week’s “Writer’s Island” Prompt was too good to let by. It was “Desire” after all. This week’s prompt is “Magic”. I give you two offerings this week.

First, a haiku for “Desire”:

Heart beats in my chest
And as I watch him undress
I know he is mine

Copyright 2008 – Karina

And now for a little “Magic”:

Happy Birthday

“Close your eyes”, he says to me
“Don’t open them until I say so
You’ll be amazed
You’ll be surprised
You just won’t believe your eyes”

So I followd his command
Nervous anticipation
taking over me
Not knowing what I’ll see
What he’s laid out for me

“Okay, ready?” he says excited
“I’m gonna count to three
One, Two…Open your eyes
Do you like it mommy, do you?
I made it special just for you”

“It’s chocolate, double fudge with sprinkles
Daddy helped,
but I made it myself”
Out of the corner of my eye
I see his father standing by

I kiss the top of his head,
ruffle his shaggy hair
“Chocolate’s my favorite kind”
“I know, I told daddy that
Mommy, put on your party hat”

“Daddy light the candles now
Mommy needs to make her wish
Make it good mommy
Wishes on birthday cakes always come true
You know why? I’ll tell you…”

He leans in and whispers
“It’s magic”.

Copyright 2008 – Karina

Today’s Writer’s Island prompt is “Fork in the Road” and/or “Crossroad”. A moment in time when a decision has been made which shaped your destiny. Immediately upon reading this prompt I thought of Robert Frost’s “The Road Not Taken”, one of my favorite poems of all time. So, before I get to my own writing today, I give you his:

The Road Not Taken – Robert Frost

TWO roads diverged in a yellow wood,
And sorry I could not travel both
And be one traveler, long I stood
And looked down one as far as I could
To where it bent in the undergrowth;
Then took the other, as just as fair,
And having perhaps the better claim,
Because it was grassy and wanted wear;
Though as for that the passing there
Had worn them really about the same,
And both that morning equally lay
In leaves no step had trodden black.
Oh, I kept the first for another day!
Yet knowing how way leads on to way,
I doubted if I should ever come back.
I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence:
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I–
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.

Of course, now that I have posted his, I feel anything I could write would pale, so we’ll keep it short and simple, it’s Haiku time once again:


Before me it lies
A decision to be made
Which path shall I take

Copyright 2007 – Karina

The Writer’s Island prompt this week is “Treasure”.

I’ve been feeling short stories recently, not sure why. I did another one earlier this week for Sunday Scribblings too. For this, here’s:


There are days when just rising out of bed is a challenge for him. He struggles with the aches and pains his old body has yet to grow accustomed to. Will it ever? Still, he rises, ready to meet the challenges of a new day. He hasn’t spent his 94 years on this earth complaining about a few aches and pains, and he’s not about to do so now. There is still so much to see, so much to do, so much life to experience. He dresses as quickly as his hands allow him to, and gathers his hat, his coat, his cane. It is time for his morning walk.

The early morning is his favorite time of day. Before the alarms in the houses next door begin their symphony. Before the hustle and bustle of traffic overtakes the streets. Before the rest of the world awakens to go about their business, there is a serenity he appreciates. He stops to admire a squirrel on his hunt for winter food beneath the snow. Catches a bird here and there and wonders when they stopped moving south for the winter. He can hear, in the distance, tree branches give way beneath the white blanket that covers the world this time of year. God speaks to you in those moments, he thinks. If you listen, you can hear Him tell you stories of the magic in nature.

Reaching the diner on the corner, he steps through the door and takes a seat at his table. Always the first to arrive, his spot reserved in an unspoken agreement with all who frequent the place. “Good morning Charlie”, the waitress smiles as she brings him his tea “and how are you today?”

“These legs still walk, these eyes still see,” he smiles “everything is as it should be”.

She giggles at this, which he tells her each morning. “So it is, Charlie, so it is”.

Never ask him if he aches, if he’s weary, if he’s sad. She has learned, for Charlie knows, it is life, the greatest treasure that he’s found.

et cetera