Candid Karina

{January 6, 2012}   One Year – One Word


Main emphasis, area of concern, concentrated quality, sharpness of vision, center, spotlight, heart.


I lack focus.

My biggest trouble in being productive has always, without question, been my inability to focus on any one thing at a time.

What I do not lack, is passion.

I am deeply passionate about many things. Writing, music, reading, travel, running, dancing, nature, photography, family, friends, shopping, food, technology, movies…you get the picture.

I truly love life and everything it has to offer, so, when I find a new interest, meet a new person, I go all in.

Until I find another just as interesting thing. Then I add that to my life, and now, I’m split in two. And then I find another, and now it’s three, and another…

And there you see my life. SO many passions occupying my mind and heart, how can I possibly FOCUS on any one thing?

So I find myself involved in EVERYTHING, but never completing anything. Never really sticking to anything long enough to see results.

Maybe that’s a bit harsh…I stick to things…I’ve been running for over a year now, and I set a goal to run a 10k on Thanksgiving, and I met that goal. I stick to my friends, am loyal to the end, never deserting any of them…

But, I’m scattered. I have all these goals, and I have a hard time really focusing on getting stuff done.

And I want to. I really do.

So, this year, in 2012, my word is FOCUS.

One day at a time, one project at a time, I will FOCUS and see where that takes me.

And I’m throwing in a bonus word, because well…imagine if I just focused on ONE word?? Unheard of.

But this one is a must…LOVE.

All things 2012 will be centered around LOVE.

The love of friends, the love of family, the love of life, the love of my neighbors and strangers, Christ’s love. ALL LOVE.

And maybe with a bit of FOCUS, I’ll even be able to find some romantic love.

See what I did there?

et cetera